Media Credits

It has been an immense pleasure gathering images to help you preview & 'postview' your trip with Ross on Horsey Mere, Norfolk Broads and true gratitude has to go to all the people who shared their images in public under various licenses on Wikimedia, Facebook

General Info

mv Lady Ann is available for boat trips & private hire from May to September. She is fully licensed by the Broads Authority.

Departure Times

Horsey Weather

What does POP mean?

POP stands for 'probability of precipitation' which is simply the probability of rain.
A technical description of POP is available at Wikipedia‚ÄĒProbability of Precipitation

Need to contact Ross?

Text: 07791 526440
* Email:

* Please note that Ross is unable to read emails whilst on Lady Ann - texting really is the best way to contact him. You can email up to the day before, text up to 0930hrs on the day or visit the departure point and book it yourself!

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