Horsey Mere

Horsey Mere
Com with me to a Happie-Towne
Where lyfe is bryte and gaye,
And little children playe all daye
And never knowe a frowne.
Oh com with me and joyne
theyre gladde and joyous thronge,
Oh com oute here
To Horsey Mere
And synge the children's songe!
anon circa 1460


In Coot Club the children sail up the River Thurne to Horsey Mere in the Teasel. While on the Mere they spot a pair of marsh harriers:
They swept across the Mere to the far reed-beds, turned and were half-way back, when, almost in a shout, Dick cried, "There's our one more bird. Look! It's a hawk. Yellow head..."
"Marsh Harrier," said Tom. "Jolly rare."
"There's another," said Dick. "Two of them."
One bird was high above the reeds. The other, the larger one, was rising towards it.
Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)

Other literary references to Horsey Mere including John Betjeman : Literary Norfolk

Some of the moods of Horsey Mere

  • 1 wildlife haven horsey mere
  • 2 horsey mere from staithe
  • 3 meadow dyke horsey mere
  • 4 horsey staithe
  • 5 horsey mere peace
  • 6 horsey mere dusk

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