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mv Lady Ann is the perfect traditional wooden Broads boat for guided exploration tours of one of the lesser known Norfolk Broads—Horsey Mere. One hour trips reveal wildlife secrets that we normally only see on TV nature programmes! Watch Marsh Harriers feeding on the wing, see our rare British Swallowtail butterflies in all their life stages, enjoy watching the Norfolk Hawker dragonflies, hear the Bitterns ‘booming’ and much more—all in their own natural wild habitat in and around Horsey Mere.


Each season brings its own nature delights making these trips ideal for individuals, photographers & small groups; also mv Lady Ann is available for private hire, she is perfect for picnics! So join us and share Ross Warrell's intimate knowledge of his specialist subject in an informative yet relaxed style—Come Abroad!

TRIP CANCELLATION Friday, 5th July 2019 

In general, booking by text (07791 526440) is now advised, but not essential.

Horsey Mere

Horsey Mere in the setting sun

mv Lady Ann

mv Lady Ann at work

Horsey Windpump


Horsey Birdlife

reed warbler

Rare Butterflies

British Swallowtail


Norfolk Hawker

Fantastic Boat Trip...

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Fantastic boat trip. We saw Marsh Harriers, Cranes, Sedge Warbler, Grebes, Swans, Gulls, Tern, Reedlings, Geese, Ducks, Dragonfly, Swallowtail Butterflies, Drinker Moth caterpillars; all identified by RossLibby

will come again...

swallowtail wing

We had a wonderful time, so much wildlife to see & hear—will come again.Faith

Brilliant, lovely man with a lot of knowledge, funny too :) would go again.Sharon

every time is different...

swallowtail wing

We have been out on this trip a couple of times and every time is different - Ross really tailors things to the audience and it's always so relaxed and informative. I would recommend it to anybody.Heather

I could go every day...

swallowtail wing

Great trip today, packed a lot into that hour, very knowledgeable guy but entertaining with itRoger

Always a pleasure. I could happily go every day!Elise

General Info

mv Lady Ann is available for boat trips & private hire from May to September. She is fully licensed by the Broads Authority.

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Horsey Weather

What does POP mean?

POP stands for 'probability of precipitation' which is simply the probability of rain.
A technical description of POP is available at Wikipedia—Probability of Precipitation

Need to contact Ross?

Text: 07791 526440
* Email: ross@wildlife-boat-trips.co.uk

* Please note that Ross is unable to read emails whilst on Lady Ann - texting really is the best way to contact him. You can email up to the day before, text up to 0930hrs on the day or visit the departure point and book it yourself!

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